women4women DLR has developed a number of brochures for different programmes organised for the women in the County.

Women's Programme Autumn 2022
Click HERE to see all we have on offer this term!

Women's Programme Spring 2022
Click HERE to see the details of the varied programme we had on offer.

Women's Programme Autumn 2021
Click HERE to see details of all the exciting things we had on offer.

Download our women4women brochure HERE.

We have also developed the Advancing Cultural Dialogue Brochure, which you can download HERE.

Domestic Abuse - pocket size leaflet about services is also available HERE

Past Projects and Programmes

Women's Programme Spring 2021 is a list of the courses and events on offer by Southside Partnership Women's Programme and women4women network. You can download the brochure HERE

REPOWER was a free capacity building programme offering part-time courses who are interested in developing new skills and increasing their confidence. It is for women who are NOT in employment and NOT in receipt of Job Seeker payments. You can download the brochure HERE.

WEMIN was a 2 year project funded by the AMIF funds of the European Union and is looking at social, educational and professional aspects of inclusion in eight countries throughout Europe. You can download our brochure here.

Below is information on activities that were incuded in the programme.